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Resistance Loop Exercise Band

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TurboCharge your home workout with our resistance bands. Designed for all bodyweight exercises, we guarantee a truly satisfying workout with varying difficulties.

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Challenge Yourself

Bodyweight is not going to cut it
  • 5 unique range in resistance from 5 to 40 lbs, we make sure you get the intensity of a real workout.

  • Multiple Uses - Calisthenics, Pole Fitness, Powerlifting, Pull-Ups, Upper and Lower Body Exercises and Stretching.

  • Less is more- Your body becomes tougher when it is subjected to more resistance. Stop wasting time doing many reps of easy workouts.


With the ability to choose which size band you use, you can customize your workout to strengthen and tone all your muscles. Light, Medium and Heavy bands can also be combined for an even more challenging workout. 

These bands are so versatile; you'll never run out of combinations to do with them! 

What's included

Free Carrying Bag + 5 Resistance Loop Band


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